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This site is designed to provide Rhode Islanders with easy access to data about their communities and assist them in making sense of this information. We hope to empower the government, businesses, nonprofits, institutes of higher education, and residents to use this information to identify local needs, prioritize investments, and advocate for community change.

Rhode Island Community Profiles was created and is maintained by The Providence Plan.

About the Data

About ProvPlan

The Providence Plan is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides Rhode Islanders and public agencies with data and information to support critical decision making. Our innovative programs improve community well-being and transform lives.

We believe that information – what exists, how it is used, and who uses it – is a fundamental aspect of community revitalization in an age of expanding information technology.

We work to democratize information by transforming data from spreadsheets and complex databases into maps, charts, and interactive tools that are comprehensible and empowering to all.

Our data warehouse, the largest of its kind in Rhode Island, is compiled from federal, state, and local statistics. By bringing together data from multiple sources, our tools provide a comprehensive snapshot of communities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Over the next several years we look forward to leveraging new technologies that will allow us to present greater amounts of information more quickly - and in increasingly interactive formats. We also remain fundamentally committed to expanding the work of our programs and seeding new initiatives that are consistent with our mission.

Other data tools and details about ProvPlan programs at ProvPlan.org

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