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Tenure (Rent/Own)
  • Housing Units
  • Occupied Housing by Race/Ethnicity
  • Owner Occupied Housing by Race/Ethnicity
  • Renter Occupied Housing by Race/Ethnicity
  • Population of Owner-Occupied Housing by Race/Ethnicity
  • Housing Tenure by Age
  • Housing Units by Year Built
Household Characteristics
  • Household Size
  • Length of Stay
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Financial
Household Composition
  • Total Households
  • Households by Type
  • Family Households
  • Married Households
  • Unmarried Partner Households
  • Single-Headed Households
  • Nonfamily Households
  • Vacant Housing
Physical Characteristics
  • Housing Units by Year Built
  • Housing Units by Number of Bedrooms
  • Housing Units by Energy Source
  • Housing Units by Service
  • Housing Units by Urban/Rural
  • Housing Affordability
Note: MOEs are not included on the print tables, but are available through the data download option.